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Game Show Trivia is a unique academic trivia study guide. Using often-asked key words, its short, to-the-point clues are not encumbered by unnecessary detail. This technique has enabled the author to pack thousands more pertinant facts into its pages than any other trivia book on the market. All the popular subjects are covered, including movies, music, art, literature, countries and much, much more.

Game Show Trivia author Steven Ferrill is a local Trivia Night host in the St. Louis area. He has always been facinated by trivia and has been collecting facts for over 30 years. He has stacks of notebooks and papers that fill several file cabinets. After deciding to organize these facts, it took him three years to catalogue and catagorize these facts into the format as they appear in Game Show Trivia.

After the first edition of his trivia book came out in 1999, Steven was asked to be a guest on hundreds of radio programs talking trivia. When the Who Want to be a Millionaire craze hit the country, he was asked to be a phone-a-friend life line several times. When he has the time, he still watches some of the hundreds of recorded game shows that are that are stacked up in his cable box.

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Game Show Trivia has sold over 22,000 copies to date. The book contains over 16,000 quick hitting facts that come up over and over on popular TV quiz shows, all clues presented in an easy-to-study flash card style format.

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